Leadership: Teaching – Performance improvement plan

You have an employee who does excellent work.  When they are there on time.  Focused on the task at hand.  Not distracted by some personal drama in their [...]

Leadership: Teaching – Credit

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." Harry S. Truman. You are the brilliant leader who hired smarter people [...]

Leadership: Teaching – Develop

This is really part two of delegate.  All too often it really is easier and faster for you to do it yourself.  But run to its full course where does this [...]

Leadership: Where are we going? – Change

This is the tough one. No one likes change. Unless…they have decided to change themselves.  What I mean is that the decision was theirs and not forced on [...]

Leadership: Who Am I? – Different

How often do we see right or wrong? There seems to be a trend these days of who is right and who is wrong. There are only two choices. This OR that. That [...]