Process: AR – It is 11:00 PM. Do you know where you cash is?

Cash flow is king.  Is your bank account reconciled?  WHY NOT!  There is a SIGNIFICANT amount of employee fraud, especially at small to medium sized [...]

Process: Inventory – ABC, 123

With apologies to the Jackson 5. Are you counting your inventory monthly or annually? STOP IT NOW. Cycle count or don't count at all. Utilize ABC methods and [...]

Process: Inventory – Move it to Lose It

Same goes for old inventory. Move it or lose (value) it! If your company always executes perfectly and engineering changes are approved then implemented [...]

Process: Inventory – Spare Me

No it's not bowling time. Do you have inventory of critical spares? Why not check inventory of them today rather than cram it into the month end process? [...]