Process: AR – It is 11:00 PM. Do you know where you cash is?

Cash flow is king.  Is your bank account reconciled?  WHY NOT!  There is a SIGNIFICANT amount of employee fraud, especially at small to medium sized [...]

Process: GL – New Fitness Program

Get Out There - walk the floor, ask the 5 Why’s.  Find out why, why, why? Plus, you need a break from sitting at your desk anyway, why not make some new [...]

Process: GL – In My Estimation

Estimate, estimate, estimate.  So your payroll accrual is off by $278.25. So what? What decision that you would make would be changed by being $300 off?  [...]

Process: GL – Moses and Jethro

Exodus 18:13-27.   Here is the paraphrase of the passage from Exodus. Moses was hearing ALL the complaints from ALL the people.  Imagine your CEO [...]