Process: GL – In My Estimation

Estimate, estimate, estimate.  So your payroll accrual is off by $278.25. So what? What decision that you would make would be changed by being $300 off?  [...]

Process: Payroll – Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Review PR entries during the month to make sure benefits are deducted correctly and coded correctly. Post the payroll entry when payroll is done. Do the [...]

Process: Payroll – Vacation Time!

Have you done your PTO/vacation accrual?  What is really going to change in the next few days? Why not get it done now and free up the first few days of [...]

Process: Payroll – Payday

Why not do a payroll accrual today and estimate the last day of the month - just copy the prior day - assuming that it will be similar. If that makes you [...]