Process: AP – Expense This!

Do you really know what that expense is for? Get your accounts payable team members out on the floor (store, factory, etc.) to learn what is generating the [...]

Process: Insurance for Rough Times

Are you taking all the 2/10 net 30 discounts on AP? Why not? That equates to 36% interest in a year! Plus as a bonus if you do get into financial trouble or [...]

Leadership: Ethics

For basic starters look at the IMA and the AICPA ethics guidelines. There is of course no way to even begin to do this justice in one short paragraph. So I [...]

Process: Keep the cash coming

When is the 30 day cutoff for AR? Coming up? Why not email or call the customers to make sure that they have all the invoices. Help them out, treat them nice [...]

Leadership: Who Am I – Biases?

Leadership - Biases: Planet, hemisphere, continent, nationality, state/region, county, city, area, neighborhood, race, religion, education, interests, [...]

Process: Start at the end

I am sure that you have seen the quote or a version of it that states “begin with the end in mind.” In essence what you need to do is create a vision or [...]

It’s Not Your Fault

Your current close process is not your fault.  This is true whether you have worked somewhere for 1 week or 10 years.  It might have started out smoothly, [...]


I was looking out the window into the blackness where the forest should be. It was not there. Only the reflection of my office in the glass was visible. It [...]

Welcome to ReSet!

This blog is directed at the CFO, Controller, and accounting team members who are fed up with all or even part of the monthly process to prepare financial [...]