Leadership: Teaching – Mercy and grace

You just had someone come into your office and admit a mistake.  A big one.  What’s next? Oh, did I mention that they are already on a performance [...]

Process: AR – It is 11:00 PM. Do you know where you cash is?

Cash flow is king.  Is your bank account reconciled?  WHY NOT!  There is a SIGNIFICANT amount of employee fraud, especially at small to medium sized [...]

Leadership: Teaching – Performance improvement plan

You have an employee who does excellent work.  When they are there on time.  Focused on the task at hand.  Not distracted by some personal drama in their [...]

Process: GL – Review it or Lose it?

Or was it use it or lose it? Review the AP and AR registers weekly, not all at once. This also includes inter-company transactions – essentially a form of AR [...]

Leadership: Teaching – Credit

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." Harry S. Truman. You are the brilliant leader who hired smarter people [...]

International Finance Professionals Networking Day!

February 29 – The odd duck This day occurs very rarely, once every 4 years, or once every 1,461 days, which equates to 0.068% of the time.  While it does [...]

Process: GL – New Fitness Program

Get Out There - walk the floor, ask the 5 Why’s.  Find out why, why, why? Plus, you need a break from sitting at your desk anyway, why not make some new [...]

Process: GL – Taxes Again?

Death and taxes, they are always out there and headed for you. Payroll taxes reconciled?  Do it during the month, not during the close.  It is not very [...]

Leadership: Teaching – Delegate

Don’t do this yourself.  Teach your AP team members about capex, what it is, why it’s important, etc.  They are seeing the invoices on a daily basis and [...]

Process: GL – In My Estimation

Estimate, estimate, estimate.  So your payroll accrual is off by $278.25. So what? What decision that you would make would be changed by being $300 off?  [...]