Leadership: Doing What is Right

man helping hand to woman

The Pharisees in the bible were the religious leaders who were supposed to instruct the people in God’s ways. They did but then they started to add rules and regulations that were a tremendous burden on the people. What really set the Pharisees off was Jesus arrival. He basically changed the rules and the Pharisees hated him because of that. Changing the rules reduced their power and influence. They were extremely comfortable in their environment and here was Jesus crushing their entire foundation. How is this similar Pharisee mindset in your company? Are you reacting on the basis of a customer or employee policy or doing what is right? Now I’m not telling you to throw out all the rules but I want you to think about the spirit of the rule or policy and not necessarily the letter of the law. Policies are guidelines that cover 95-99% of all situations that arrive. Good leadership deals with the funky 1-5% of things that pop up. Go back and read the leadership thought about Moses and Jethro.

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