Leadership: Emotions

Have you ever been angry? Of course you have, everyone has at one time or another been angry, it’s human nature. But what did you do with that anger? Yell at someone, belittle them, threaten their job? If so, how effective was that at actually getting the problem solved. Not effective at all I imagine. Did it make you feel better? Did it make you feel stronger, in control? Maybe for a few minutes, but now you have a wake of destruction to deal with. And of course you have all the time in the world to deal with that, right?  Now everyone has emotions to deal with so whenever you are frustrated, mad, etc. STOP. Wait for 1 minute and do nothing. Then think about why you have that emotion. What is the underlying cause? Late for work, argument with a spouse, frustrated with bad traffic, deadline coming up? Find out what is driving it and work thru it to a positive end. With anger, maybe you can use the positive power of anger to solve your problem. Are you sick and tired of some situation? Had enough? Focus that anger on finding a solution, use that energy to drive toward an answer. But keep your emotions in check. Don’t let them rule you, examine them to find out why they exist and what they are telling you or guiding you too.

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