Leadership: Ethics

Two stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them standing in brown desert sand infront of a blue sky

For basic starters look at the IMA and the AICPA ethics guidelines. There is of course no way to even begin to do this justice in one short paragraph. So I will keep it simple. What would your mom and dad think or say about it? How will it look on the front page of the paper? The internet news feeds – remember “guilty until proven innocent on the internet.” How about your kids or spouse? Will it ever keep you awake or nag at your conscience? Can you live with yourself every day in the mirror if you do it? Take the high road and do what is right – ALWAYS. Please don’t bring up situational ethics. If you are attempting that you are lying to yourself and you know that you probably should not do it. Situational ethics is merely justification that sounds good.

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