Leadership: Planning – Verify

hand drawing checkbox, business concept

How do you know it’s right? Seems like a simple question that should have a simple answer.  Should be easy to find out too.  But in reality that is a more involved, more complex question than any of us imagine.  Wait. Stop.  But does it have to be? Even the most complex structures, computer chips, etc. are made of simple components.  One of the world’s most complex things is the space shuttle.  But at the simplest level, there is a bolt and a nut torqued to the right specification that holds a critical piece.  That’s it, a lowly bolt and nut.  Think about the question again.  How do I know it’s right? Start at the high level and work your way down to an AP invoice or a cash receipt posting, or even a time clock punch in or out.  If you are serious about his, start writing these down and really find out. Once you do, you will always be able to answer “I know it’s right because we do X, Y, and Z and we have an audit check to verify those too.

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