Leadership: Teaching – Continuous education

older hand writing on a chalkboard the words never stop learning

My philosophy of education is this: Continuous Education for everyone. Why do I think this is important? Virtually no one will be at the same company for extended periods of time so providing continuing education does two things for you. First, your team members are going to be a lot smarter and better resources for the company. When challenging situations arise, you will already have fully trained people to take them on, not to mention the day to day improvements that you will see. Second, this is your succession plan. Let’s say you are the Controller and have three people who could be the next Controller for your company. You have fully trained them and any one of them could your job. If you get moved, promoted, have to move to another city to take care of a sick family member, etc. the most difficult decision now is which one to pick. Look at it from the employee perspective, if they are educated to the next level and need to move across the country to take care of a parent or family member, they will more than likely need to find a job. So you have trained them beyond their competition for that job with your continuous education plan, who wouldn’t hire them immediately? Plus, you get the benefit of their knowledge EVERY SINGLE DAY right now! That makes your job easier. But maybe the new corporate strategy is acquisitions. You just purchased a company and need someone on the ground right away to establish or start changing the culture of the target company. You have three people who you know can do this right away. Do you see how important continuous education is? Why not start planning this for your team today. It will pay off better than any other asset in a shorter period of time. Here is a great business anecdote regarding this. The CFO of a company asks his CEO: “Why do we have to spend money to train all these employees? What if they leave us?” The CEO answered: “What if we don’t train them and they stay?”

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