Leadership: Teaching – Develop

Depositphotos_38069933_l-2015This is really part two of delegate.  All too often it really is easier and faster for you to do it yourself.  But run to its full course where does this lead you? You are in a leadership position because of the projects you volunteered to do, the difficult challenges that you took on since no one else wanted to do it. Now it’s time to pass that on to the next generation of leaders in your organization.  Think of delegation of a task as rescheduling so you can have concurrent processes rather than a bottle neck at yourself.  This is difficult until you have done it several times and it gets easier each time.  Your ultimate goal is to make sure everyone is being developed fully and pushed beyond their comfort zones.  If you get promoted, the most difficult decision will be “which of your team members will get your job since there are several highly qualified individuals.” That will be a great position for your organization to be in.

Two pronged attack – smart scheduling and cross training.  Bring people up to where you need them.

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