Leadership: That’s just the way I am

Multi-ethnic runners racing at beach

Have you ever heard this phrase?  Have you used it yourself?  Why?  So you are content to stay how you are? Not developing yourself or your team members? I absolutely despise this phrase. We don’t let our companies use that excuse. Can you imagine saying to a customer “that’s just how our company is, I cannot help you”?  Assume that YOU are the problem. When you do, you quit becoming the victim and begin shaping the outcome. As a CFO or Controller you are always looking out for ways to improve your company’s ROI, sales, reduce costs, optimize EVA, etc.  Everyone seems to spout “our employees are our greatest assets.”  So why does this not apply to you or your team? If someone were to use this phrase that would trigger a one-on-one counseling session to see why they are stuck that way. EVERY team member should have a personal development plan. This should include continuing education – for everyone, not just members with certifications that require it. Job development, succession plans, etc. Take time to review the development plans that are coming in a future post.  It’s a starting point to get you thinking.

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