Leadership: Where are we going? – Change

Depositphotos_64865573_l-2015This is the tough one. No one likes change. Unless…they have decided to change themselves.  What I mean is that the decision was theirs and not forced on them.  Maybe convinced, sold, or whatever was needed to make them finally move to change. It has to come from them. Somehow.  Your challenge is convincing, selling, and leading them to why the change is necessary.  John Maxwell in his book “Developing the Leader Within You” has several chapters on managing and creating positive change.  He even has a checklist for looking at change from a logical / psychological perspective. This is a great exercise to go through.  Just think about when someone is trying to quit something or lose weight or whatever.  They might know that they need to stop smoking but there is some underlying reason that they don’t want to.  Start with yourself and see if you can find out the real reason you have not moved on something yet.  Then list your obstacles and fears and worst scenarios and come up with a plan to work around them or manage them

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