Leadership: Where are we going? – Culture


Has your company formally defined what you want your corporate culture to be?  Is it a cool vibe and a great place to work?  How about pay, benefits, working conditions, etc.? If you don’t someone else will do it for you whether you want it or not. The strongest personality will drive what your company becomes.  Is that what you want?  Probably not.  Most companies let their culture evolve rather than define it, lead it, and develop it. The problem with that is once it heads off in a direction that you don’t want it’s difficult to get it back on track to what you want. This absolutely must come from the top down.  Your CEO and executive team must first define what they want for a company culture.  Then they must believe in it 100% and live it every day.  Always.  People will do what you do, not what you say.  Your actions must match what the culture is that you want to promote or establish.  Start today and live out what you want in your company culture.

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