Leadership: Where are we going? – Peloton

bicycle race, a group of cyclists followed by cars

Most people have no idea what a peloton is.  In professional cycling the peloton is the main group of riders in the race.  What is interesting about it is that each team actually helps the other teams by sharing the lead and breaking the wind at the front of the race. The person riding in front takes maximum energy to keep the pace up and pushes speeds to over 30 mph during a race.  The great part is riding second where your energy expenditure is 50% of the lead rider.  So you can coast in the draft.  So what does this have to do with leadership? For starters, if something bad happens to your competition, be first in contacting them to help them out.  You are where you are because of them. Your competition brings out the best in you.  On the flip side, if they are leading a change in the marketplace, they are expending more cash to break that ground that will benefit both of you.  If you had no competition and are smug about it, then some upstart will come from seemingly nowhere and blow you out of the water.  So help out your competition in an honorable way, it might just come back to help you.

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