Leadership: Who Am I? – Servant Leadership

Do your employees or team members serve you? Bring you reports when you want them? Get your projects done before theirs? Do you allow them to question you? Yes, you are their leader. Yes, you should set directions. But, are you serving them? What are you doing for them?

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s the captain of the aircraft was considered “God” and no one questioned his or her decisions or authority. This led to at least four plane crashes. The result was CRM or crew resource management training for aircraft crew members. CRM addressed the human factors that caused the crashes and reoriented the crew to improve communications, changed the delegation of authority, and prioritizing of tasks. This led to the safer flying conditions that we now enjoy today.

Is this what is happening on your team? Are you missing something so obvious to everyone else? Are they afraid to question you? I encourage you to read the article at http://www.airlinesafety.com/editorials/CockpitCabinPsychology.htm. It is definitely worth your time to read then entire article.  You should always be looking around for great examples outside of your comfort zone of leadership. It will make you and your team that much stronger and significantly more capable.

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