Process: GL – Moses and Jethro

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Exodus 18:13-27.   Here is the paraphrase of the passage from Exodus. Moses was hearing ALL the complaints from ALL the people.  Imagine your CEO sitting down every day to listen to every issue that came up in the company and then make a decision about it.  Nothing would ever get done, or it would take forever to get anything done.  Moses father in law Jethro asked him what he was doing.  Then gave him counsel on what to do.  He told him to find able men, instruct them in the law and let them handle all the small stuff and anything great would be run up to Moses to decide.  Do you need the counsel of Jethro?  Who is doing the closing activities?  Does it really need to be done by you and no one else?  REALLY? Get over yourself and teach someone else.  Divide and conquer. Teach someone how to do your journal entries so they can be done concurrently with other JE’s. It might take them longer to do it than you, but you are working on something else concurrently so they both get done earlier.  It is simple to talk about, but sometimes hard to do.  Let it go.  The first few times will be the toughest, but it will get easier.  Then one day when you have the close done in two days, you will wonder why didn’t I do that sooner?  Plus you get a bonus by developing someone else’s skillset making them more valuable to the company.  Lead your people to greatness.

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