Process: GL – New Fitness Program

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Get Out There – walk the floor, ask the 5 Why’s.  Find out why, why, why? Plus, you need a break from sitting at your desk anyway, why not make some new friends out on the floor?  After all, that’s where the revenue is generated. Don’t EVER forget that.  The people who make your product or interact with the customer are the MOST important people in the company. It’s not the CEO, or anyone else despite what others might tell you.  Great product, well made with no defects, delivered with great service and long-term support is the value of the company.  Customer interaction (make sure you are delighting them – from a balanced perspective of course) is what is going to make your company great and growing. Why do we do that? Why is that inventory there?  Why are you walking so far between tasks? Why aren’t you using the new equipment? Why didn’t you give great service to that customer? Why are you going that?  Why is that important to the product or service? Why didn’t you pick up that piece of garbage?  Why are we still using that? Why? If you take the time to talk to all the team members, you will find out why and maybe, just maybe, your eyes will be opened to a startling revelation or insight that you NEVER saw before or considered before.  There is great value in collective wisdom.  Dig deep for the treasure and then spread it around.  It is of no value unless it is shared.  That goes from the lowest starting employee to the CEO.  Remember this too, anyone can have a great idea no matter where they are or where they came from.  It might just be your closed mind that is the problem.  You will do yourself and your company well by considering all ideas and their implications.  Notice I said consider, not execute, every one of them.  Look at them from all angles and perspectives.  You might just find yourself getting an education from surprising sources or teachers.

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