Process: GL – Review it or Lose it?

Female lawyer signing documentsOr was it use it or lose it? Review the AP and AR registers weekly, not all at once. This also includes inter-company transactions – essentially a form of AR and AP.  No one has time to review the details of either. But, it might answer some questions when you are preparing the financial statement analysis.  You will already know the answer to why an expense has gone up or down.  Maybe there was a big product return or sales promotion that affected the accounts receivable.  Sure you might know this already because your company is executing on its goals perfectly and you actually expected to see the change this week specifically. Good for you.  For the rest of us, we need to occasionally look under the hood and see what’s going on.  Everyone has at some point or another had someone ask a question about an expense and we were clueless about it and had to look it up.  Now that’s embarrassing. After a while of doing a detailed review, you will see an ebb and flow like the ocean and tides.  Patterns will emerge that you have not seen or been aware of before.  You will see the waves out there coming in and soon be able to predict when they will hit the shore of your books.  Now this being the ocean of expenses and unpredictable events, there are things that you should be aware of just like the ocean waves. Rip tides, freak waves, and hopefully not for your company, but tidal waves of expense may hit at really bad times.  Awareness is not paranoia. Just be aware.  You will also be able to spot unusual things out there too before they can have an impact. Review it NOW.

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