Process: Inventory – Spare Me

No it’s not bowling time. Do you have inventory of critical spares? Why not check inventory of them today rather than cram it into the month end process? Realistically you won’t use one of them in the next day or so. If you do it’s probably something you won’t forget. While you are at it, check the condition of the parts. Are they still critical? Is the part outdated or obsolete, still there even though you no longer use that piece of equipment, or even sold it! If so, write it off TODAY. Are the parts secure? Do you have an access policy for critical spares? Does everyone know where they are in case they are needed? Really? Even the mechanic on the night shift? Speaking of night shift, when was the last time that you actually showed up and walked around the operation at night, would they even know your name or recognize you? Why not? Do you know what goes on at night? Those stories you read about what happens at night at some companies could be happening at your company. Change your work hours for a few days and spend time with your family during the day, then come in at night and meet everyone and see what goes on. Both your family and your employees will respect you for caring and it will pay dividends in the long run

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