Process: Start at the end

Aviary Photo_130735193030565579I am sure that you have seen the quote or a version of it that states “begin with the end in mind.” In essence what you need to do is create a vision or goal of what you want your end result to be. The final reality. Is that a two day period to create your financial statements? Write it down and put specific details on it. While you are doing this, do not think about what the current situation is, no matter how bad, just focus on what you want it to be in your ideal world. Don’t think about any current restrictions, constraints, lack of people, or anything else like that.

Example Goal:

  • Complete the financial statements in two working days.
  • Distribute on the third workday of the month with all analysis complete.
  • No errors or re-classing journal entries.
  • Low stress process.
  • Great rapport with other departments.
  • End users have complete understanding of their department/project.
  • More time to complete value added projects.
  • Etc.

This is probably the most critical part of this whole process. Make sure that you give it the care that it needs. Start at the highest level first. You and you alone are going to determine the direction. No one else will. It must start with you. You will involve the rest of your team, but not yet. Write down at least three specific goals.


Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Goal 4:

Goal 5:

Congratulations. If you have actually written down you goals, you are ahead of most of your competition.

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